Quality and Efficiency for TR-Rounds

Skanska decided to move from paper forms to an electronic HSE system for TR-rounds (residential construction) based on feedback from the field. Reducing paperwork, option to take pictures, and add them to the report was desired from the new solution; as a picture is worth a thousand words. Mari Korpela, an occupational safety expert at Skanska, reveals that all in all a dozen suppliers were interviewed for the new mobile system. The solutions had some detail differences, for example, adding fixed comments to issues. However, the process of filling the TR-form was similar in most systems. 

Informative Piloting Phase

After interviewing a dozen suppliers, Skanska chose three for a pilot phase in the field. Korpela recounts that they piloted the selected systems in multiple sites for months. During the piloting phase, a realization set in; finding a system that meets all needs 100 percent is next to impossible. Impact, however, proved to be more useful than expected during the piloting phase; multiple new applications for the system were discovered. “Feedback from the field confirmed that it was the right time to implement Impact’s mobile reporting system, ” Korpela affirms.

Priorities: Development, Speed, and Cooperation

The Impact system’s versatile application possibilities and constant development opportunities were priority factors in the decision-making process. After the piloting phase, Skanska put emphasis on three service provider aspects: willingness to develop, speed and cooperation. “Additionally, we wanted the service provider to share our desire to keep field systems as simple as possible, ” Korpela adds. 

Skanska opted for the user-friendly Impact based on the aforementioned criteria. The electronic HSE system’s speed of development got praise from Skanska. During the piloting phase, browser-based use was too unstable for fieldwork. Impact added an IOS/Android application with 100 percent offline support.  “Impact is also much more customizable than other systems, for example, with the ability to create custom templates, ” Korpela notes. 

Personnel Enjoys the Mobile User Interface 

Interest in a mobile system arose in the field, and employees have happily adopted the system. Skanska began collecting safety observations through the pilot phase QR-codes, and reception for this style of reporting has been positive. In addition to TR-rounds, Skanska has also implemented other safety processes into the electronic HSE system and is planning to import some checklists with GPS-tracking possibilities. 

Skanska is happy with Impact’s customer service and support, and cooperation has been effortless both ways. 


Mari Korpela 

Occupational Safety Expert