Savon Voima

Kiwa Impact™ Helped Savon Voima Multiply Their Safety Observations by a Tenfold

Savon Voima implemented the Impact safety system in the summer of 2016 and switched over from separate Excel sheets and checklists. The old solution was outdated and tangled, and Savon Voima desired to shift toward holistic risk management, occupational safety, and safety development. 

Savon Voima centralized all safety procedures to Impact. Occupational safety; environment, quality, and information security-related observations; safety session notes; observation rounds; and risk analysis are all now gathered to Impact. The achieved results have been phenomenal, and there have been massive strides particularly in safety observations:

“With our previous system, we received some dozens of observations a year. During our first year (2017) with Impact, we received 504 observations”, Savon Voima’s occupational safety and health manager Valtteri Partanen recounts. 

According to Partanen Impact has enhanced safety development. “The system, of course, has had a great impact on developing our safety culture. The ease-of-use has considerably lowered the threshold for making observations among our employees.” Safety observations, processing, corrective measures, and feedback improve anticipatory and preventive safety and provide an excellent means for employees to participate in safety development.  

Supervisors always carry a cellphone, through which observations are effortlessly made on any occasion. Impact has customized forms, where: “the supervisor selects the proper location, writes up the observation, takes pictures or video clips as attachments, and determines appropriate corrective measures. Supervisors also relate safety sessions through the Impact system. “This arrangement is very practical and safety sessions are always held on time”, Partanen rejoices.

Savon Voima has Leaped Forward in Safety Culture Development

Savon Voima has a strong safety culture that is constantly improved upon with internal communication and complete transparency in safety-related matters. The principle behind Savon Voima’s safety culture is that “every employee goes home without incident, and work is completed safely”.

Savon Voima has increased communication by utilizing displays with monthly safety themes. The displays also contain a QR-code that allows anyone to report observations directly to Impact. “Our employees have adopted this method of reporting extraordinarily well, and many have saved the QR-code as a shortcut in their mobile phones”, Partanen reveals. 

Building Goals and Measurements with Impact

Reporting was one of the most crucial challenges Savon Voima faced before implementing Impact. “Impact’s analytics are exceedingly easy to use, they provide quick and easy access to information for reports. This promotes internal communication and provides insight for the executives. I grab reports directly from there”, Partanen states. Creating safety management measures around Impact’s features has been a breeze. 

Safety observations received through Impact are processed in the organization. “We go through observations on a monthly consolidated basis and highlight a few pivotal observations on every region’s displays. So, that all plants benefit equally”, Partanen discloses.  

Impact’s ease-of-use, Reporting, and Customer Service Impress

“We have been very satisfied with Impact, and it suits our needs very well. The system is constantly developed, and cooperation and communication work well. We have had other alternatives, but have always wanted to stick with Impact”, Partanen remarks. 

The grounds are also very clear: “Employees gladly use the easy mobile system, and it is continuously improved upon and updated. The online trainings have also been great when they have been customized and edited to suit us. The customer service is unparalleled; assistance is always near and answers come quickly”, Partanen finishes. 

Impact’s top three: reporting, ease-of-use and customer service


Valtteri Partanen 
Project engineer
Savon Voima