Kiwa Impact enhances HSEQ management in the energy industry

Safety should never be the responsibility of a single person, but should involve all staff. Kiwa Impact provides the tools to improve and manage safety, the environment and quality – and involves the entire staff in this process without the need for separate user licences

HSEQ activities ensure the safety of workers in hazardous working environments, reduce environmental impacts, for example in energy production, and ensure the high quality of operations. Kiwa Impact helps ensure and develop all HSEQ functions! 

Why is HSEQ important for the energy industry?

Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality (HSEQ) have an important role to play in the energy industry for a variety of reasons: 

Employee safety

The energy industry can entail dangerous jobs such as oil drilling, power plant maintenance and substation construction. HSEQ practices help ensure the safety of employees and reduce the number of accidents.

Environmental protection

Energy production can have significant environmental impacts – HSEQ practices help manage these impacts and ensure that operations are environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Statutory requirements

The energy industry is subject to strict rules and regulations to ensure health, safety, the environment and quality. Compliance with these requirements is essential for business continuity and reputation.

Quality assurance

The high quality of energy industry products and services is vital to ensure their safe and efficient use. HSEQ policies help ensure that quality requirements are met.

Business reliability

Good HSEQ practices can reduce risks, improve business continuity, and protect the company's reputation. This is particularly important in the energy industry, which can be exposed to many risks.

Stakeholder trust

Stakeholders, such as customers, investors and surrounding communities, value companies that demonstrate commitment to health, safety, the environment and quality. Good HSEQ practices can reinforce stakeholder trust.

HSEQ practices are not a ‘necessary evil’; instead, at best, they help promote long-term business and sustainability in the energy industry. 

Low-threshold reporting for the whole organisation

With Kiwa Impact, all members of the organisation can report their observations anytime and anywhere. This enables effortless participation in HSEQ management. This harnesses the know-how of the entire company and turns tacit knowledge into visible and actionable safety improvement activities.  

Low-threshold reporting encourages employees and/or stakeholders to report identified grievances or concerns as easily and directly as possible on the spot, so that findings can be addressed early and effectively.  

All tools in one place

Normally, a company has many tools at its disposal and the necessary documents may be held by several different people in several different places. This makes the big picture difficult to perceive and manage. Kiwa Impact brings all the tools and data together in one single view, making it easier to see the big picture and saving time.  

Kiwa Impact’s app-based mobile reporting features include:

Record observations and notifications directly from the field in just 10 seconds. You can also add attachments such a GPS location. 

Checklists, such as job start lists and monthly inspections, can also be conveniently managed from the field. In addition to inspections, you can also document everything. 

In addition to individual observations, you can make both guided or open observation rounds, during which you can easily record both functioning and non-functioning items. 

Identify hazards, assess their impact and probability, observe control measures, take corrective action and identify residual risks:

Utilise our existing accident report templates or edit/build your own templates.

The necessary indicators to carry out statutory safety measurements. 

Administrator functions can be customised to support your operations. You can create and edit: 

  • Tool templates 
  • Handling processes 
  • Alarms 
  • Organisational tree 
  • User information and permissions 

Impact is a truly versatile solution, in which you can build new templates for the functions you need such as orientation and site protocol management.

Together towards easier administration

Impact evolves with you. It enables you to develop your operations, reduce costs and improve efficiency

It is particularly important to us to enable easy deployment of the solution, which is why we offer you a ready-made solution that is fully customisable to your business needs. Its easy-to-use and customisable design ensures fast and cost-effective deployment. 

The deployment process can be broken down into six simple steps detailed below. The process is carried out in close cooperation between the customer and the Kiwa Impact experts. 

Deployment process

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