For properties and housing associations

With Impact, you take control of the processing and management of your housing
association’s fault and maintenance notifications and feedback.

Speed and clarity in managing notifications

With Impact, you can ensure the satisfaction of your residents, even when problems arise. Residents can make maintenance and fault notifications online on their own mobile device and the information is routed directly to the right person for further processing. For example, when a maintenance notification is routed directly to the maintenance company, this ensures that the resident is served quickly enough, taking into account the urgency of the notification.

Once the notification has been received by the maintenance company, the tenant will receive an email informing them of the receipt and progress of the work. All data stored in Impact is available to key parties and can be monitored openly. The resident always has access to previous fault notifications.

Suitable for many needs

Impact is suitable for housing associations, building managers and property owners.

Always available

You can use Impact anywhere and anytime: at home, in the office or in the field, using the device that suits you best.

Improved efficiency

Information is automatically transferred to the right party without the need for manual intervention. All parties involved always go where the work orders go.

Benefits for the property's building manager and maintenance company

  • Clarity and efficiency in the processing of notifications.
  • Work requests directly to the right party and person.
  • Easily customise the notification templates yourself.

Benefits for the resident

  • The resident can easily report maintenance and faults on their own mobile device via
    a QR code or short link.
  • The notification can be made by voice recognition or by typing and
    can be accompanied by photos and videos.
  • The notification is routed directly to the right processing party and the intended
    process, without any intermediaries

Speed and clarity in managing notifications

Resident reads QR code or goes to link in browser

The resident reads the QR code on their mobile device or clicks on the link in their browser to go directly to the desired notification form. The notification can be made by the resident using voice recognition and can be accompanied by photos or videos.

Notification information directed to the correct address

The resident’s notification is routed directly to the right processing party without any intermediaries or manual intervention. The work on the notification can be dealt with immediately and the resident is kept informed.

More efficient and operations that can be further improved

The notifications can be monitored comprehensively and used to improve operations. Notification templates and their processing steps can be easily and flexibly customised by the user


together to find ways to improve your operations. Whether you need to collect individual  observations, accident reports, customer feedback or run your entire safety-, environment- and quality operation, you’ll love Impact and its ease of use.