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Satisfied customers are our priority! We are happy to share our customers’ stories about the development of safety, environmental and quality activities and how Impact has supported them on this journey.

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Meyer Turku Oy is part of Meyer Group, one of the world's leading cruise ship builders. Meyer Turku adopted Impact in 2019, and since then, it has become an integral part of the organisation's risk management and leadership.
Rovakaira Verkonrakennus chose Kiwa Impact after careful supplier comparisons. The decision was influenced by Impact's ease of use, clear and simple processes, customization, and analytics.
Skafo Oy is a company run by one person and operating in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. The company conducts consultations and statutory inspections mainly for companies operating in the construction sector. Behind this small business is Toni Vepsäläinen, who has been using Impact now as an essential part of his daily work for about a year and a half. He is impressed by how Impact is suitable for a small business like Skafo.
At Hilding Anders, digitalization of risk management and the switch to Impact is most visible as a decrease in time-consuming manual work and the fact that the company now receives information about the status of safety on a continuous basis.
CERTEGO is a leading company in Scandinavia offering locking and security solutions. It has nearly twenty offices in Finland. Impact was introduced in them in 2017. CERTEGO ended up with Impact because the company wanted to improve the reporting of safety observations, deviations and occupational accidents, and to manage safety in a single solution.
Luvata Pori has been using Impact since spring 2021. The company chose Impact because they wanted a modern solution for safety observations and information management. It has already proven its effectiveness.
David Brown Santasalo is a leading international gear engineering company with three sites in Finland. The company’s Finnish sites have been using Impact since 2016, at which time the company wanted to improve its safety management and processes.
Wipak Group is one of the leading flexible packaging companies in which the Impact solution has been used since 2016. Impact was introduced because previous methods for carrying out 5S and other security audits, among others, did not meet the company’s needs.
Rudus implemented Impact’s mobile reporting system into the entire organization from the get-go. And even though there was much to learn, the rather noteworthy introduction went smoothly, Keijo Toropainen, Occupational Safety Manager, at Rudus reveals. Fast customer service made the introduction possible: “The service has worked exceptionally for us, and answers to questions come quickly, often within minutes,” Toropainen remarks. 
Finnsementti implemented Impact into use during the renewal of their Intranet. The service provider for the new Intranet did not have a fitting system for safety observations, so the search for a new system began.
Metso’s Tampere plant adopted Impact due to inadequate prior solutions. Previous solutions, however, did not provide Metso with the appropriate tools required to develop their occupational safety processes.
The active and determined development of safety and quality operations by Turula Engineering, supported by Impact, has brought very positive results.
Viafin GAS continuously inspects and develops its operational processes, and Impact has proved to be a tool that can easily remedy emerged needs.
Savon Voima adopted Kiwa Impact in the summer of 2016. With Impact, they aimed to move towards comprehensive risk management, safety development, and occupational safety improvement. They wanted to move away from the separate Excel sheets and checklists that were used with the previous system.

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