Kiwa Impact for transport and logistics. Effective HSEQ management on the road!

Using checklists and keeping them up to date is routine for the transport and logistics sector. They are key to providing a safe service, but adherence to them as well as their efficient creation and upkeep can also bring significant cost savings. Kiwa Impact makes it easy to take HSEQ matters with you wherever you go.

Why does HSEQ matter in the transport and logistics sectors?

HSEQ functions help ensure the safety of employees and vehicles, reduce unnecessary costs, and monitor the high quality of operations. Kiwa Impact helps ensure and enhance all HSEQ functions!

Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality (HSEQ) have an important role to play in logistics for a variety of reasons:

Employee safety

There is much to remember in the field of logistics, and forgetting can have fatal consequences. HSEQ practices help ensure the safety of both employees and vehicles and reduce accidents.

Condition of vehicles

Checklists, such as pre-drive checks, periodic vehicle inspections, and cleaning inspections, are large entities whose comprehensive storage and monitoring from one centralised location will significantly improve the efficiency of operations and reduce the risk of forgetting and making unnecessary errors.

Processing customer feedback

Kiwa Impact enables both receiving and processing customer feedback, allowing you to ensure excellent customer service quality and quickly intervene in potential complaints.

Quality assurance

The provision of high-quality logistics services and adherence to schedules are important factors in ensuring the continuity of services. Good HSEQ practices can help ensure the quality of service, reduce risk, and protect the company's reputation in the long run.

Business reliability

Good HSEQ practices can reduce risks, improve business continuity, and protect the company's reputation.

Stakeholder trust

Stakeholders, such as customers, investors and surrounding communities, value companies that demonstrate commitment to safety and quality. Good HSEQ practices can reinforce stakeholder trust.

HSEQ practices are not a ‘necessary evil’; instead, at best, they help promote long-term business and curb unnecessary costs.

Wave Excel spreadsheets goodbye and have HSEQ functions always with you on your phone

With Kiwa Impact, all members of the organisation can report their observations anytime and anywhere. This enables effortless participation in HSEQ management. Transforming the company’s know-how into a visible shared resource will also help improve safety and efficiency.  Mobile use makes it easy to manage HSEQ functions even on the road – with QR codes and links, data can be transferred faster than ever.

Low-threshold reporting encourages employees and stakeholders alike to report any identified shortcomings or concerns right on site. The observations may relate to vehicles, warehouses, or customer feedback, for example. Kiwa Impact’s mobile reporting module enables early and efficient intervention, allowing you to make significant cost savings through forecasting. 

Kiwa Impact brings all the tools together under one address

Kiwa Impact helps involve the entire staff in quality and safety monitoring – no user licences required.

Logistics companies often use a wide range of equipment and documentation tools, ranging from pens and paper to Excel spreadsheets.  The required documents may be stored in several separate locations, and keeping documentation up to date is unreasonably burdensome. The overall picture is difficult to perceive and manage, resulting in a high risk of forgetting important things. Kiwa Impact brings all the tools and data together in one single view, making it easier to see the big picture and saving you time.

Kiwa Impact’s mobile reporting features include:

such as pre-drive checks and cleaning inspections. In addition to remembering the checklists, you can easily document everything in one place.

directly from the field in a matter of seconds. You can also add attachments, such as a photo of the vehicle or a GPS location.

in addition to individual observations, you can make either guided or open observation rounds, for example in warehouses

directly from the field, using our ready-made accident report templates or your own templates

identify hazards, assess their impact and controlling methods, take corrective actions, and save both time and money

can be customised to support your operations. You can create and edit:

  • Tool templates
  • Handling processes
  • Alarms
  • Organizational tree
  • User information and permissions

Impact is a versatile solution that allows you to create customised tool templates for just the functions you need, such as orientation management, for example.

How can Kiwa Impact improve HSEQ functions and management in the logistics sector?

Kiwa Impact is built to support your operations both in the field and in the office – with help from your entire staff. The focus is on customisability, ease of use, and continuous improvement.

Impact is fast to deploy, and service features can be customised to match your company’s processes. The service can be developed to match your specific business needs and processes – at no additional cost. As members of staff adopt the easy-to-use system, you can receive high-quality data directly from the field.

How is Kiwa Impact deployed?

Kiwa Impact evolves with you. It enables you to develop your operations, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Enabling the easy deployment of our solution is of paramount importance to us. It is also something we have received a lot of praise for from our customers. We offer you a ready-made solution that is fully tailored to your business needs. Its easy-to-use and customisable design ensures fast and cost-effective deployment.

The deployment process can be broken down into six simple steps detailed below. The deployment process is carried out in close cooperation between the customer and the Kiwa Impact experts.

Deployment process

Heiluta heipat Excelille!

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