What is Impact by Kiwa?

Impact is a cloud-based SaaS solution, that makes people’s work easier, streamlines your operations, and is customizable by you. All of this ensures a swift implementation, the ability to customize the solution according to your operations at no additional cost, and most importantly, accrue important data as your staff embraces the easy-to-use system.


Ease of use in and out of the office ensures the quality and quantity of collected data and successful data processing.


You can customize or build your own templates, handling processes, investigations and more according to your needs.


A simple yet and integrable solution for you for collecting, processing, and monitoring any type of data as a whole.

Easy installation

A complete solution with a fast and cost-effective installation due to its ease of use and high level of customizability.

Impact as a Solution

You can use Impact as a complete solution or choose only a single module according to your company’s needs. Impact is built to support your operations both in the field and in the office, and your entire staff fills out Impact’s forms without separate user licenses.

Impact’s 16 user languages and the Finnish, Swedish and English-speaking support team enable quick implementation and wider use of the service.

Learn more about the Impact package, which covers the following sections:

Mobile Reporting

Improve Your HSEQ Operations

Impact’s Mobile Reporting supports your safety, environmental, and quality operations, whether you solely want to collect observations, conduct risk assessments, or manage and develop your operations holistically.

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Chemical Registry

Chemical Safety in Your Pockets

With Impact’s Chemical Registry, you can keep electronic Material Safety Data Sheets available at all times, manage the usage and storage of chemicals by site, and chemical-specific risk assessment. Additionally, the solution automatically maintains a chemical inventory list based on the accrued information.

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Training Registry

Manage Your Training Information

With Impact’s Training Registry, you can manage the training, qualification and orientation information of both your own personnel and your subcontractors. In addition, you will be able to complete online training through Impact, which will automatically update training entries after completion.

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Start Your 14 day free trial

You can test Impact solo for two weeks or book a demo and discuss the opportunities to improve your operations with us. Whether your need is collecting individual observations, accident reports, or customer feedback, or running all safety, environmental, and quality activities, you’re sure to love our solution and be impressed by its ease of use.

Impact by Kiwa, Mobiiliraportointi

Impact by Kiwa

Mobile Reporting

With Impact’s HSE Mobile Reporting, you record and process, for example, observations, deviations, observation rounds, risk assessments, audits and accidents. You can customize the mobile reporting questionnaires and processing processes according to your company’s needs.

User-friendliness and ease of use ensure the quality and quantity of information: the forms can be accessed conveniently with a QR code or a link, and reporting can be done either by writing or using speech recognition.

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Impact by Kiwa -palvelun Kemikaalirekisteri

Impact by Kiwa

Chemical Registry

The legislation provides clear requirements for the use, handling and storage of chemicals, which the company must comply with. With the help of Impact’s Chemical Registry, you can perform tasks required by legislation smoothly.

In the Chemical Registry, e.g. you maintain up-to-date safety data, assess the risks of chemicals and produce chemical lists and labels in accordance with the regulations. Impact’s chemical register is easy to use and mobile: you can access the chemical register from anywhere 24/7.

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Impact by Kiwa, Koulutusrekisteri

Impact by Kiwa

Training Registry

Impact’s Training Registry is an easy-to-maintain tool for managing and monitoring your company’s training, qualifications and orientation information, as well as conducting your own training and inductions as online trainings directly through the register.

Examples of online trainings: site-specific orientations, new employee orientation, production plant safety orientation, refresher training on environmental issues, product/activity quality training or any other online training.

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Benefits for you

Reduce your expenses

Reduce personnel sick leaves and related expenses by minimizing injuries, accidents, and hazards in the work environment.

Improve efficiency and quality

Streamline all of your operations by removing occupational risks and obstacles and provide simple yet quality digital tools.

Be the most desirable partner

Exceed your customers’ expectations with the most efficient operations, improved safety figures, and high-quality reports.

Involve your network

Improve personnel satisfaction and partner experience by enabling observation reporting and corrective measures.

Avoid unnecessary surprises

Your safety-related inspections, documents, and records are stored and accessible in one ready and convenient location.

Meet statutory requirements

Equip an electronic, well-documented way to work that complies with laws and regulations and with your certified management systems.



Introducing Impact improved the number and quality of CERTEGO safety observations

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Luvata Pori

Impact provided Luvata Pori with a solution to meet its needs for safety observations and information management

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What are observations and why do we make them?

We all have a duty to report the shortcomings and hazards we observe.

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David Brown Santasalo

David Brown Santasalo convinced by Impact’s user-friendliness and cost efficiency

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Expert and Support Services

Measurement of Safety Culture

Safety culture is the foundation on which the company’s entire safety operations are built. Kiwa helps you map the current state of your company’s safety culture and how to develop it.

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Our satisfied customers

Impact is suitable for companies of all sizes, regardless of industry. Impact is currently in use in more than 20 countries with more than 150 customers.

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