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Customer support is a crucial part of the smooth implementation and comprehensive use of HSEQ software. When the software itself is user-friendly and allows extensive self-management and customization, customer support must be prompt and provide advanced solutions to assist with its use.
According to the latest customer satisfaction survey, Kiwa Impact's customers value its ease of use and customizability the most. We want to develop Impact to serve its users in a variety of HSEQ functions and improve the customer experience - in this work, actively listening to our customers helps us.
This year, we celebrate Kiwa Impact's 10th anniversary. A milestone that both reflects the achievements of the past decade and creates a bridge to the future
In the blog post system specialist Niclas Snell explores the diverse advantages of automated application testing and how it enhances application development efficiency and product quality.
A safety data sheet is an important tool for workers who handle chemicals, but also for companies and consumers who want to know how to use products safely. SDSs are a legal requirement in many countries and help ensure safety in the handling and use of chemical products
Workplace safety is essential for the success of both employees and the organisation. One of the most effective ways to promote safety is to create a strong safety culture based on open communication and active observation. In this article, we examine how safety observations can serve as a basis for the development of a safety culture and the safety of employees.
A list of chemicals is a document containing information on the chemicals used and their safe handling. It may include information on chemical hazards, uses, safe storage and necessary first aid measures. A list of chemicals helps employees and others people handle chemicals safely and efficiently.
Chemicals are part of everyday life in many work environments and their correct handling and compliance with safety requirements are vital. In this blog, we delve more deeply into the importance of chemical safety at work and how we can collaborate to create a safer work environment.
Training has a direct impact on a company's safety and operations. High-quality and appropriate training provides the opportunity to improve all of a company's HSEQ areas. Training is an effective tool when a company wants to ensure the Health and Safety of work and the working environment in a company, minimise the impact that operations have on the Environment, ensure the Quality of operations, products and services, and develop all of the above. In practice, the HSEQ areas apply to all active companies – regardless of the sector – and their implementation is also governed by legislation.
In a fast-paced technological environment, companies must constantly adopt new systems that enable streamlining of processes, resulting in improved productivity and a competitive edge.
Artificial intelligence (AI), its utilization, and its future impacts have been widely discussed in recent years. However, towards the end of 2022 and especially in the beginning of 2023, this became tangible to all of us through new platforms, with ChatGPT being perhaps the most prominent.
In HSEQ operations, knowledge management means decision-making based on current, high-quality knowledge – practices where decisions related to health, safety, environment and quality are made by analysing and utilizing collected information.
We all have a duty to report the shortcomings and hazards we observe. Information about even a minor fault or a potential development opportunity reduces the likelihood of a more serious event occurring.
The international occupational safety event EuroSafety 2022 was organized on September 13–15. in Tampere and Impact participated the event with its own stand. During the three-day event, with a good atmosphere, we had a lot of face-to-face meetings and good discussions about security issues.
An organization's safety culture is both a visible and invisible part of daily life and a prerequisite for safe work. As a phenomenon, safety culture is forever changing and combines different aspects within operations.

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