Mobile reporting

Impact’s Mobile Reporting supports your safety, environmental, and quality operations, whether you solely want to collect observations, conduct risk assessments, or manage and develop your operations holistically.

What does Impact offer?

Impact is a versatile solution that offers diverse functions, such as the following:

Observations and notifications

Record observations and notifications directly from the field in just 10 seconds. You can attach images, videos, and GPS locations to observations and use voice recognition to write a report by speaking. Undeniably easy to use in the field: Safety observations, environmental observations, quality observations, incident reports, close call notifications, development ideas, customer feedback, complaints

Observation rounds

In addition to individual observations, you can make both guided (with pre-defined targets) or open observation rounds. During the observation rounds, you can easily record both functioning and non-functioning items, and add an unlimited amount of observations: Safety walks, observation rounds, quality control, internal audits, management tours, external audit follow up for deviations, supplier audits


Perform inspections directly in the field using your phone or tablet. Direct inspections ensure, for example, risk assessments and critical inspections before carrying out work or commissioning a machine. While documenting everything in the process: Quick risk assessments, work start lists, machine and vehicle checklists, equipment inspections, lifting accessory inspections, weekly inspections, monthly inspections

Risk assesments

Perform risk assessments following your processes. Identify hazards, assess their impact and probability, observe control measures, take corrective action and identify residual risks: Process specific risk assessments, work specific risk assessments, site specific risk assessments, machine specific risk assessments, enterprise level risk assessments, security risk assessments

Accident reports

Record accidents, conduct internal investigations, and root cause analyses. You can utilize our existing accident report templates or edit / build your own templates. You can gather the exact information you want, for example, injured body part, length of absence, whether the inflicted person was your staff or an independent contractor, and possible accidents while commuting: Accident reports, damage reports


Run statutory safety measures or build measure templates that are just right for your business: TR meter, MVR meter, MVRS meter, Elmeri+ meter, 5S meter, LEAN meter

Administrator functions

Impact is customizable to support your operations. You can create and edit: Form and checklist templates, handling processes, alarms, organizational trees, user information and permissions, links and QR -codes

Other functions

Impact is a truly versatile solution, in which you can build new templates for the functions you need: Site protocols, orientation forms, warning practices

Taloyhtiöt ja kiinteistöt: Impactilla nopeutta ja selkeyttä ilmoitusten hallintaan

Impactilla otat haltuun taloyhtiösi vika- ja huoltoilmoitusten sekä palautteiden käsittelyn ja hallinnan.

Impactin avulla varmistat asukkaiden tyytyväisyyden myös ongelmatilanteissa. Asukas voi tehdä itse huolto- ja vikailmoitukset omalla mobililaitteellaan verkossa ja tieto ohjautuu suoraan oikealle henkilölle jatkokäsittelyyn.

How does Impact work

Impact was developed to support your operations both in the field and office.
The ease of use and customizability makes Impact suitable for your operating environment.

  • The mobile app enhances observations directly from the field.
  • Involve employees, subcontractors, partners, customers, etc. in the observation via a QR code or link.
  • Photos and videos directly from the destination.
  • Voice recognition module facilitates easy reporting.
  • The template translation feature allows reporting in a chosen language.
  • GPS location targeting enables precise location mapping.
  • Offline support is possible with the mobile application.
  • Edit or create your own templates for data collection.
  • Create or modify the handling and investigation processes that support your operations.
  • Direct to the desired people for processing (responsibility and schedule).
  • Create an unlimited number of follow-up tasks.
  • Reminders and tasks based on collected data (alerts).
  • Give feedback to the individuals that provide observations.
  • Track activity through Impact’s own analytics.
  • Process data in excel format.
  • Import data into your own reporting solution via the open REST API -interface.

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The ease of use in the field and office ensures both the quality and quantity of collected data and enables successful data processing.

You can customize or create the templates, handling processes and inspections according to your needs.

A simple yet intelligent and integrable solution for collecting, processing, and monitoring your data holistically.

A complete solution with a fast and cost-effective installation due to ease of use and complete customizability.

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You can test Impact solo for two weeks or book a demo and discuss the opportunities to improve your operations with us. Whether your need is collecting individual observations, accident reports, or customer feedback, or running all safety, environmental, and quality activities, you’re sure to love our solution and be impressed by its ease of use.