Easy deployment of Kiwa Impact immediately increases number of observations at Rovakairan Verkkorakennus

Rovakairan Verkonrakennus Oy is a network construction company that belongs to the Rovakaira Group and is responsible for the design, construction and maintenance of its parent company’s electricity distribution networks and related equipment. The company only started using Kiwa Impact in December 2023 but, after just a few months, it has become an integral part of the company’s daily life and an essential part of developing a safety culture.

Mikko Nordlund

Mikko Nordlund

Sales Manager
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Our team has mastered Impact very well in a short time, and we have received positive feedback from installation engineers and others in the field. The threshold for using Impact is so low that we are already getting more observations than before.

Ari-Pekka Soikkeli

Ari-Pekka Soikkeli

Technical Manager at Rovakairan Verkonrakennus Oy

Rovakairan Verkonrakennus chose Kiwa Impact after a careful comparison of suppliers. The decision was based on Impact’s ease of use, clear and simple processes, customisability and analytics.

“We wanted the new solution to exceed the functions of the previous system. Impact is convenient for all its users. For example, Impact’s analytics tools easily save me 3-4 hours of work per month, as I no longer have to do everything by hand and I’ve managed to dispense with the unnecessary Excel,” Soikkeli says.

Rovakairan Verkkorakennus currently uses Kiwa Impact’s incident, near miss and accident reporting, fleet damage reporting and auditing, whistleblowing and development idea form and training register. There are plans to extend its use to risk assessment, in particular rapid risk assessment of personnel in the field.

Kiwa Impact conveniently available as a turnkey service

The process of deploying Impact was easy and smooth. This included customising the reporting templates used by Rovakairan Verkkorakennus in advance to meet the company’s needs. Soikkeli praises the turnkey service for not only making the transition easy, but also teaching him how to get the most out of its features. Cooperation with the Impact team also went well.

“We asked the Impact team some difficult questions and wanted to create a reporting framework that was out of the ordinary. Impact was very well suited to our requirements at least 95% of the time. We were also given good lessons on how to work independently,” says Soikkeli.

He feels that the training they received during the deployment process familiarised them with Impact’s features, and that they have been able to create and edit different form templates independently from the very beginning. The solution has been so easy to use that so far no one has had to contact Impact’s customer service for further assistance. However, there have been other types of communication.

In the customer satisfaction survey, I shared ideas for further development, after which I was already contacted and a meeting was arranged. It seems that the Impact team is very responsive to customer requests and develops the solution based on their wishes. So I'm in a positive frame of mind when I'm on the road."

Ari-Pekka Soikkeli

Ari-Pekka Soikkeli

Technical Manager at Rovakairan Verkonrakennus Oy

Kiwa Impact plays an important role in developing safety culture

Rovakairan Verkkorakennus has already realised in a short period of time that Kiwa Impact is of great benefit in developing the company’s safety culture. With Impact, safety data is available continuously, so even minor incidents are caught and the likelihood of near misses and accidents is reduced.

“We have a zero accident target in the company. Now that Impact is closely involved in our daily work, it’s so easy to make observations that even installation engineers are reporting smaller observations than before,” explains Soikkeli.

At the heart of developing a safety culture is raising awareness and focusing attention on safety. With Rovakairan Verkkorakennus, every employee can access Kiwa Impact directly from their phone app, and external contractors can access it via a QR code, making the observation process as low-threshold as possible. At the same time, safety issues are also constantly kept in the minds of installation engineers, personnel and others.

 “Impact is a good tool for driving forward a culture of safety. We now have more security data and easy access to it. Making observations is beneficial because it means that more attention is paid to safety and it’s easier to address any shortcomings. We can all submit ideas for improvements through Impact and contribute to safety through that as well,” says Soikkeli.

The most significant effects of Impact on safety culture at Rovakairan Verkkorakennus:

Obtaining diverse data on safety: continuous improvement of operations

Even small incidents are caught: the likelihood of near misses and accidents is reduced

Increased awareness: personnel focus on safety

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