Safety Culture

A safety culture is both a visible and invisible part of an organization day to day life and a prerequisite for safe work. It is a base that safety is built upon and necessary for all safety development measures. Luckily it is something that we can affect and develop together. 

Measurement, Development and Management of Safety Culture

Safety culture refers to the individual and group values, views, and behavior surrounding safety. A safety culture thus defines the attitude and commitment towards safety and its proper management and has a direct effect on key safety figures. A safety culture is the foundation on which the company’s entire safety operations are built, and if the safety culture is at a weak level, all other development measures are pointless, and actions won’t bear fruit. The safety culture level also defines how well safety operations generally succeed.

People make hundreds of decisions daily that determine safety levels

An effective safety culture guides these decisions in a positive direction

Traditional safety indicators are often based on numbers and don’t include the people aspect of safety

Why measure your safety culture?

Measuring your safety culture is important as information is key in safety culture management just like with any other kind of management. A lack of information runs the risk of making uninformed and incorrect development optimization decisions.

Typical safety indicators are:


Accident frequency


Safety observation frequency rate


Safety walk frequency rate

These indicators above all represent the end results leaving scope and quality matters aside. Safety culture measurement drills deeper into the organization and highlights the strengths and weaknesses in different sections. The role of safety culture measurement is emphasized the further along safety development and practices are. The importance of information, skill, and culture measurement is pivoted.

An Effective Online Safety Culture Measurement

It is crucial to understand the current state of your safety culture to successfully manage and develop it. Conducting a safety culture measurement is an effortless way to find out your current safety state. Kiwa has extensive operating models for measurement, and the easient and most effective way is to conduct an online safety survey.

An online survey allows you to reach the entire organization effortlessly, regardless of the time or place. Results are available within three weeks of distributing a survey, allowing you to swiftly develop your business.

Kiwa will clarify the current state of your safety culture, strengths and weaknesses and will deliver a proposal for development measures:


Define the questions categories


Review the pre-made question-and-answer options and make modifications


Launch the survey through Kiwa’s online platform


Completely anonymous response


Response via mobile device or computer


Monitor and communicate the survey status and response rate


Thorough analysis and clear report of the current safety culture status


Strengths and weaknesses of the safety culture


A proposal for effective development measures

Substantiate the findings of online safety culture survey with interviews and site visits?

Key personnel interviews and site visits can be added to expand and substantiate the findings and report.

Online Safety Culture Survey

Ready-made questions with answer options

Anonymous response via QR-codes and links

Respondent breakdown based on background questions

An online survey platform provided by Kiwa

Available in multiple languages

Outcome analysis and report

Walk through of the report and findings

Staff Interviews

Conducted for key personnel at different organizational levels

Safety culture survey results utilized

Two-tier interview; clarifies safety development areas and objectives, and the importance of the role of employees

Site Visits and Reviews

Verifying the findings in practice and offers the possibility to expand the report with e.g. pictures

Possibility for spontaneous field discussions

Can be executed in conjunction with staff interviews

Read experiences of measuring safety culture

Why Choose Kiwa?

Kiwa has extensive experience and advanced methods for measuring, analyzing and developing your safety culture.

A cost effective to carry out a measurement

Anonymous response for respondent privacy


A coherent report with detailed result analysis

Results available 3 weeks from survey launch


A clear survey platform that reaches everyone


A strong partner that offers continuous support

A specific proposal for development measures

An easy solution for continuous measurement