Customer support is the backbone of Kiwa Impact

Customer support is a key component in the smooth implementation and comprehensive use of the HSEQ software. When the software itself is easy to use and enables a wide range of inhouse management and customisation, customer support needs to be fast and provide advanced solutions to help you use it.

The Kiwa Impact customer satisfaction survey conducted during the spring also provided feedback on customer support. The feedback was mainly positive and customer support received praise, but there were also areas which could be developed. We are happy for all the feedback we have received, as it helps us develop Impact customer support in the right direction and make it even better.

Improving the customer experience

Nothing frustrates you more than usage problems right when you need to act. With effective customer support, we can ensure that Impact users get help quickly if faced with challenges in the use of Impact.

As a rule, we hope that our customers will be able to use Impact independently without any unnecessary stress disturbing their daily work. However, there will always be problems, and in that case, we do not want you to hesitate to contact our customer support.  
We can help you with even the smallest questions related to your use. With effective customer support, we can ensure customer satisfaction, and at the same time, we obtain valuable feedback to help us develop our operations. Our goal is to continuously improve the customer experience.

Impact customer support guides, solves and suggests

Our customer support gives guidance, resolves obstacles and hindrances, and provides our customers’ account owners suggestions on how to use Impact in various ways. For example, how to build processing and investigation procedures that best support the company’s operations or how Impact’s different functionalities can be utilised more efficiently. For each contact, we share user experience information accumulated in our customer support, and our customers can expect at least as much service as it takes to write their message. 

Impact customer support’s 3 tips:

1.Don’t hesitate to contact us!
2.Compile your question/challenge and send the information to us at
3.We will look into the situation and help you.

Basic instructions in the Impact support database

In addition to our customer support, Impact users can also use the online support database, which provides basic instructions for various functions. Using the support database, our customers always have access to basic help in using the system. The support portal also
serves as a good basic guide for using Impact. In our customer support, we want to serve Kiwa Impact users on all their questions, and we welcome any contact. A rapid response time and comprehensive assistance in any situation are the cornerstones of our customer support!


Picture of Essi Lumme

Essi Lumme

Customer Coordinator, Kiwa Impact

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