Kiwa Impact customer satisfaction survey 2024

Our customers appreciate customisability and ease of use of Kiwa Impact HSEQ software

According to the latest customer satisfaction survey, Kiwa Impact customers most value the ease of use and customisability of the HSEQ software. We want to develop Impact to serve its users in a wide range of HSEQ activities and improve the customer experience – we do this by actively listening to our customers.

Kiwa Impact customer satisfaction at a good level

We conducted a customer satisfaction survey at the end of February and beginning of March to gather information on account holders’ views on Kiwa Impact. It provided us with valuable insights into how we can improve our operations and better meet our customers’ needs.

The majority of responses came from users of the Mobile Reporting module, but the Chemical Registry and Training Registry modules were also represented. This is an indication of the active use of the software and its versatility.

Kiwa Impact’s strengths its customisability and ease of use

We were particularly appreciated for the customising features and the ease of use of the system, which have always been the cornerstones of the software. The ease and speed of change offer a solution to many changing business situations without overburdening the user with system maintenance.

Our customer support team was also praised for their quick response time and help when needed. We encourage all account holders to keep a low threshold for further contact.

To our delight, our customers also reported increased detection rates since adoption, which shows that Kiwa Impact is also serving the needs of personnel in the field.

Communication of the new features and usability of help library identified as areas for improvement

Although we received a lot of praise, we also received constructive feedback and suggestions for improvement. In particular, there was a desire for new features and information on developments. At the end of last year and the beginning of this one, much time was spent on maintaining the back-end systems. Although this work is not directly visible to our customers, it is essential for the future development of the software.

We are currently building a roadmap for development using the feedback we have received. We also ensure that account holders always receive up-to-date information on new features and updates. It is therefore important always to keep account holder information up to date.

Another development request that was raised relates to the use of our help library. Although the library provides a wide range of guidance, it can take time to find the right content.

We are currently working on improving it. In the first instance, the main focus is on the navigability of the articles, as well as more detailed descriptions of the functions. Through the help library, we aim to ensure that our users always have the information and support they need to use the system.

Aiming for continuous improvement

Many thanks to all our customers for your feedback and suggestions. We take them all into account in the development and continuous improvement of Impact. Our aim is to deliver a constantly improving service. Stay tuned for more information on our development and future updates.

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