Kiwa Impact introduced in the Kiwa Group worldwide

The Kiwa Group has just made the decision to roll out Impact worldwide. A member of the international SHV Group, Kiwa employs more than 10,000 people in over 35 countries, mainly in Europe, Asia, America and Oceania. This decision is significant for the international growth of Kiwa Impact, as we see internationalisation primarily through the Kiwa network’s local customer base. A great example of this is the cooperation with Kiwa Norway, which started with the export of the Chemical Registry and is expanding to cover our other digital services this year.

Impact’s customers have so far been mainly SMEs. Entering the playing field of large international companies means making certain investments in development, even on a large scale.

Year of development 2024

The global roll-out of Kiwa will mean a major development effort for the rest of 2024, during which time our application development team will implement the necessary development measures to ensure that Impact’s features meet the Group’s requirements. The developments we are implementing will also benefit our existing customers and make Impact more attractive to large companies. This is essential for internationalisation, which will be a strong focus of our activities in the coming years.

We have launched major development projects, for example to improve user roles and user and reporting integration functionalities and interfaces. We have also updated the Impact development roadmap to ensure that normal small-scale development and other development activities can be carried out. We do most of our system development with our own resources and are in the process of strengthening our development resources to meet identified development and maintenance needs.

Aiming for internationalisation

Impact’s history goes back ten years. Adopting the “mobile first” approach as early as in the design phase of the service ensured distinction from competitors, as it was a rare feature in the safety software market at the time. One of the key strengths of the software was its ability to work even without a network connection. The software also allowed users to create their own customised checklists, which increased its flexibility and usability.

Over the years, the name of the software and its owners have changed, and its functions have expanded. The Kiwa Group provides opportunities to make Impact an internationally operating SaaS service, developed and managed from Finland. Changes along the way have not dimmed the ultimate purpose of the original software. On the contrary, they have expanded Kiwa Impact’s sphere of influence and made it possible for us to serve more and more customers around the world. 

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Kari Rinkinen

Business Area Manager, Digital Services and Consulting Services

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