What is a list of chemicals?

A list of chemicals is a document containing information on the chemicals used and their safe handling. It may include information on chemical hazards, uses, safe storage and necessary first aid measures. A list of chemicals helps employees and others people handle chemicals safely and efficiently.

Companies are responsible for listing the chemicals used

This responsibility is often based on local and international laws and regulations, such as the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) and the REACH Regulation in Europe.

The listing of chemicals also helps ensure that employees are both aware of the risks of the chemicals they handle and able to act safely.

What does a list of chemicals contain?

The following information is typically included in a list of chemicals:

Name of chemical and manufacturer

Hazard information and safety instructions: this contains information about the hazards caused by the chemical as well as safety instructions, including details on emergency preparedness and first aid procedures.

Safety and health information: information on the health effects of the chemical, such as potential health hazards, effects on skin, eyes or respiratory organs. This may also include information on the effects of the chemical on the environment.

Storage and handling instructions: instructions on how to store, handle and dispose of the chemical safely. This may include information on the precautions to be taken when working with the chemical.

Quantities and uses: This section describes how much chemical is in stock or in use, along with its uses and potential applications.

Chemical import and export data: In some cases, the list may contain information on the import and export of the chemical if it is relevant to the company or organisation in question.

List of chemicals in electronic format

Kiwa Impact’s Chemical Registry allows you to maintain your list of chemicals in electronic format and ensure that it is always easily accessible to everyone. We will take care of all quick chemical reference guides, and you can focus on things such as chemical risk assessments – easily and hassle-free!

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