Chemical Registry

With Impact’s Chemical Registry, you can keep electronic Material Safety Data Sheets available at all times, manage the usage and storage of chemicals by site, and chemical-specific risk assessment. Additionally, the solution automatically maintains a chemical inventory list based on the accrued information.

What does Impact offer?

With Impact’s Chemical Registry, you will have the required chemical safety information always accessible.


Safety data sheets

Manage the chemicals in use and keep the Safety Data Sheets electronically available.


Risk assesment

Run chemical-specific risk assessments.


Chemical safety information availability

Quickly and easily access key chemical safety information such as first aid instructions, safety instructions and hazard statements.


Chemical inventory list

Automatically generate a statutory chemical inventory list in accordance with CLP regulation.


Usage and storage quantities

Manage the usage and storage volumes of chemicals on a site-by-site basis.


Chemical labels

Print chemical labels for your own use.



Archive chemicals that are no longer in use and keep the information available.


A light, easy and extensive solution for chemical data management and monitoring

Chemical safety information is available directly from the work site on any mobile device

Together with mobile reporting, you get overall safety management in one system solution

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