Luvata Pori

Luvata is a world leader in copper manufacturing and related engineering services. It brings together people, innovation and technology to create solutions in areas such as e-mobility, healthcare, and in electrification & the green transition. The company’s success is driven by innovation, lean production and value-added sales, and its vision is to provide copper solutions which benefit people, society and the earth. Employing over 1,400 staff on four continents, Luvata works in partnership with customers such as ABB, CERN and Siemens. Luvata is a group company of Mitsubishi Materials Corporation.

Impact provided Luvata Pori with a solution to meet its needs for safety observations and information management

Luvata Pori is a specialist manufacturer of high-quality copper products. Over 90% of its total production is exported for use by different industries around the world. Luvata Pori has been using Impact since spring 2021. The company chose Impact because they wanted a modern solution for safety observations and information management. It has already proven its effectiveness.

“After we started using Impact, there has been a significant increase in the number of observations made. In addition, we can now easily monitor the development of key figures and steer our activities accordingly,” says Samu Sianoja (Occupational Health and Safety Manager).

The introduction of Impact at Luvata Pori went smoothly. The Impact team took care of everything so that the solution could be immediately taken into use. The implementation process included preparations for the basic tools needed by the company and effective user training.

Luvata Pori is making use of Impact’s special customisability

Luvata Pori has been particularly satisfied with the possibilities of customising Impact. One of Impact’s unique features is that administrators can use ready-made tool templates or create new templates when necessary.

“If we need a new tool, we can have it in use in hours. Administrators can do everything they need themselves without, for example, consulting the IT department, like they needed to before,” Sianoja explains.

If there are any larger development needs, the company would review them with the Impact team. Thus far Luvata Pori has been satisfied with Impact in its current form, and no major changes have been needed. They still hold regular meetings with the Impact team.

“It’s great that Impact’s development team listens to the users and takes development suggestions from customers. I like the dynamic way that they handle things,” Sianoja praises.

It's extremely good that Impact's development listens to users, and the customer can bring forward development suggestions. Such dynamic action is great.

Samu Sianoja, Occupational Health and Safety Manager

Impact’s easy-to-use reporting increased the number of safety observations at Luvata Pori

At Luvata Pori, Impact’s ease of use has led to a significant increase in the number of safety observations. In addition to the company’s own personnel, subcontractors and visitors can also report observations.

“QR codes allow anyone to make a new observation immediately on site. Ease of use has made people more active in reporting their observations. We also strive to implement any development suggestions we receive from our personnel, as they make Impact even more user-friendly for us,” says Sianoja.

Luvata Pori has been equally satisfied with Impact’s analytics tools. With Impact, monitoring the company’s safety indicators is made easy, which in turn makes safety management more efficient.

“All the information we need is in Impact. If there have been fewer observations or more accidents during a certain period, we can react to them more easily when we have all the data available,” says Sianoja.

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