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Impact Improves Safety Development

Metso’s Tampere plant adopted Impact due to inadequate prior solutions. “We were primarily looking for a system for conducting risk assessment,” explains HSE Specialist Mikko Irri from Metso. Previous solutions, however, did not provide Metso with the appropriate tools required to develop their occupational safety processes.

Metso then turned toward Impact, a straightforward system that was already in use at Metso’s then Hakkila plant. With great recommendations and existing know-how, Metso chose Impact as a solution without any need for a broader comparison of alternatives. The priority was swift implementation of the system and commence risk assessments.

Easy Implementation

Implementing the system was swift and simple due to the know-how and experience provided by the staff at the Hakkila plant. The process was so smooth in fact that there was hardly any need for training:  “We organized a two-hour training session, where we were joined by Antti Lehtomäki from the supplier. Further trainings weren’t needed.” 

Metso employs Impact for a variety of demanding tasks, such as risk assessment, surveys of the workplace, monthly safety rounds, management reviews, repair truck inspections, and truck loading dock inspections.

Feedback from the field has been great and workers have especially outlined the system as straightforward and easy-to-use. “It’s significant that all workers have adopted the system so rapidly, ” Irri exalts and continues “system and customer support have worked very well for us. The assistance is excellent and most of our development suggestions have been put into effect”.  

The system support and customer service have worked very well for us. The support has been excellent, and even most of our development suggestions have been implemented.

Mikko Irri,
HSE Specialist

Impact Adapts to Fit Individual Needs

The effortless customizability of the system has made it the perfect choice for Metso. Irri recounts painlessly using the admin tools to create plant departments, control user accounts, and usage rights. “I also created review and inspection templates. The newest addition is repair truck inspection templates we created together with the Field Service Supervisor. We also added them into the system as a checkpoint, ” he adds. 

Metso has also utilized the tailored analytics offered by Impact. “I ordered one additional graph, that showcases task status per person with additional done, doing, undone breakdown, to enhance our analytics” Irri clarifies.

Impact has secured a place at Metso, and Irri states that the Tampere plant would absolutely choose Impact again.

Mikko Irri 
HSE Specialist
Metso Oyj

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