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Easier Statistics and Monitoring with Impact

Rudus implemented Impact’s mobile reporting system into the entire organization from the get-go. And even though there was much to learn, the rather noteworthy introduction went smoothly, Keijo Toropainen, Occupational Safety Manager, at Rudus reveals. Fast customer service made the introduction possible: “The service has worked exceptionally for us, and answers to questions come quickly, often within minutes,” Toropainen remarks. 

Impact has been in wide use at Rudus during the past three years. The system has been applied to manage the following: 

  • Internal safety, quality, and environment audits at aggregate pits and plants
  • Annual vehicle inspections (concrete mixer and pump trucks)
  • Semi-annual machinery inspections (wheel loaders and dump trucks)
  • Executive safety rounds
  • Department safety rounds (Elmeri+, aggregate, and ready-mix concrete)
  • Collecting and processing safety observations
  • Occupational health and safety program
  • Registering and monitoring small group work
  • Monitoring inspections of closed departments

Rudus also makes use of these forms in their Russian and Estonian operations with separate language versions. 

Everything Gets Done and Nothing is Left Hanging

According to Toropainen Impacts mobile version is considered a practical tool by the personnel. All safety observations can be made from start to finish on the spot. Some have longed for the old listing style in the company’s Intranet chiefly because of log-in pains. Impact requires users to log-in to read observations, and in the Intranet, they are just one click away. Overall, personnel have been very pleased with the mobile reporting system, and it is considered both flexible and easy to use. 

During the introduction of Impact, personnel in aggregate pits and plants were assigned 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab 3- devices. Today, personnel also make use of their own smartphones, and in particular 6-inch screens work well. They use both IOS- and Android devices. Additionally, personnel that process many inspections use iPad Air 2 -devices. 

Impact with Company Changes and Future Plans

Rudus has utilized the flexibility and customizability of the Impact-system to fit the company’s needs. Templates and organizational structures, among others, are tailored for their organization. Rudus faced some organizational changes in early 2016, and Toropainen, as an admin, updated the system to seamlessly fit the new standing. For now, Rudus has utilized existing graphs and statistics, and there has not been a need for tailoring. 

Rudus replaced their old Intranet-solution with Impact’s Chemical registry module. Rudus was part of the Chemical registry pilot group, and Toropainen thinks the feature is valuable. Replacing the previous solution had much to with bettering Safety Data Sheet management and ensuring the fulfillment of statutory regulations. Something the old solution was lacking.

Monitoring campaign material is a future milestone as Toropainen wants to ensure that appropriate practices and norms reach all employees. 


Keijo Toropainen 
Occupational Safety Manager 
Rudus Oy


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