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Genuine impact and effectiveness to Safety and Quality operations with Impact

Turula Engineering introduced the Impact system in 2019, when they started to concentrate safety and quality operations under one effective solution.

“We searched for an easy-to-use and efficient system solution that would enable us to comprehensively implement various operations”, comments Jorma Silventoinen, Quality Manager at Turula Engineering.

Through a comparison of alternatives, Turula Engineer ended up in Impact, and there were many reasons for this.

“Impact was a ready-made solution that was quick to implement. We were able to build and modify the reporting templates and processing processes ourselves, in addition to which usability and operating costs were right. There were also good references, so the decision was easy and after several years I can say that it was right”, describes Jorma Silventoinen.

Impact was a ready-made solution that was quick to implement. We were able to build and modify reporting templates and processing workflows ourselves, and in addition, the usability and operating costs were just right. On top of that, there were good references, so the decision was easy, and after several years, I can say that it was the right one.

Jorma Silventoinen,
Quality Manager

Ease-of-use and saved time

Turula Engineering has focused its operations on Impact, and the solution is currently used to report and process deviations, near misses and initiatives, 5S rounds, welding inspections and supplier audits, for example. Ease-of-use and efficiency were the procurement criteria and they have excelled in real life.

“The ease-of-use of the system in the field is the lifeblood of the system, so that people want to use it and then it is possible to collect information directly from the field”, says Manager Welding Antti Nykänen.

Antti utilizes the system in his work on a daily basis for reporting and auditing himself, but in addition to this, he has experienced that the system has brought a lot of efficiency to work in other ways as well. In Antti’s opinion, it is the saving of working time that has been the most significant improvement compared to the previous model.

“With a centralized and efficient system, unnecessary work at the management and supervisor level has been reduced a lot. Reporting is fast and efficient, in addition to which we are able to focus on processing reports and taking corrective action. This, in turn, creates a positive spiral and develops a safety culture throughout the organization”, Antti Nykänen describes the development with satisfaction.

The results speak for themselves

The active and determined development of safety and quality operations by Turula Engineering, supported by Impact, has brought very positive results.

“The introduction of the system multiplied the number of entries by several times, which laid the foundation for the development of operations. Through corrective and developmental measures, the work environment and working methods are safer and of higher quality, which in turn is reflected in reduced accidents and incidents”, Nykänen and Silventoinen say.

When asked Silventoinen and Nykänen about Impact’s most significant benefits to operations, the answers come as if from a pharmacy shelf.

Jorma Silventoinen:

  • Genuine impact on results
  • Mobile usability
  • Reporting / Analytics

Antti Nykänen:

  • Saving in time
  • All important things and processes in one place on mobile
  • Ease-of-use

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