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Impact is a flexible tool for process and safety development

Viafin Service is a Finnish industrial maintenance corporation that operates a chain of seventeen local service units in the most significant industrial clusters in Finland. Viafin GAS joined Viafin Service after an acquisition in 2019, and soon after a need for a new flexible safety system arose. The corporation elected Impact as its new safety system for safety observations and reporting. “Impact’s many features made it stand out, and we choose to pilot the system with employees and management. During the piloting phase, the system proved useful, and here we are”, Viafin GAS Production Manager Otto Mänty reveals. Cooperation began in early 2020, and the system was promptly deployed into collective use.

Implementing the system was swift and effortless, and Viafin was quickly on its way to fluently using the system. Viafin GAS chiefly utilizes Impact for safety observations and as a verification tool. “Before any job, we conduct either a so-called quick risk assessment or a risk recognition depending on the situation”, Mänty confirms. Recently Viafin GAS has expanded into analysis and inspection tools for work quality performance reviews and internal claims. “Impact has provided a superb platform for creating analysis and inspection tools. And this significantly broadens the usage of Impact. More than simply safety tools”, Mänty adds.

Impact provides us with an excellent platform for creating analysis and inspection tools, which expands the usage environment of Impact. More than just security.

Otto Mänty
Production Manager

Impact conforms to your needs

The flexibility and effortless customizability of the system have made it the perfect choice for Viafin GAS. Prior system solutions have been somewhat rigid, and according to Mänty, influence over Impact’s contents is what attracted them initially. Impact is also an efficient system for creating and developing different tools, and in this manner, facilitates the execution of varying inspections. “How would we do these things if such a flexible and customizable tool did not exist?”, Mänty questions.

Viafin performs safety observations via QR-codes, and reception for this style of reporting has been very positive. “Ease is of the essence”, Mänty states and reveals how he uses admin tools without difficulty, and effortlessly creates both forms and checklists for the field. The staff have also readily adopted the system as they use it via QR-codes. Using the system is easy and simple, and anyone in the field can report observations without specific user training. “The QR-codes provide easy access to the correct forms”, Mänty clarifies.

Impact as a part of safety culture

Viafin GAS has an extended and lasting safety culture, and safety and occupational safety are paramount. Viafin GAS has recorded quick risk assessments and safety observations for more than a decade and continues to develop its safety-related tools. The purpose is anticipatory risk management: stopping to consider possible risk factors before starting a job, and then hopefully carry out tasks in a safer and sounder way. Report worthy environment and process-related glitches are often critical for all, and everyone can learn from them and prevent accidents and grievances. “Safety observations are paramount and support safety measures”, Mänty reminds.

Viafin GAS actively utilizes Impact for safety observations, and the staff has developed a low threshold for reporting all observations. “Impact is a great tool to collect information in the moment”, Mänty states. Impact also provides some field level analysis of the effects and expenses of possible deviations. Viafin GAS continuously inspects and develops its operational processes, and Impact has proved to be a tool that can easily remedy emerged needs. “Modifying processes and trying out new solutions is possible, when we know we have such a great tool”, Mänty clarifies.

Impact’s customizability and customer service impress

Impact has proved to be a flexible system, and Mänty considers that the clever solo customizability is a key reason why the system works so well for them. The number of features also enables the development of additional tools and applying them to new needs. “When we discover a need in our processes, we discuss whether we could utilize Impact as an easy tool to get ahead”, Mänty adds.

Critical comments about the system are also few and far apart because admin users can modify and customize Impacts tools with ease, and the system is a familiar part of work for the staff. “In particular, the usage of QR-codes facilitates use, because no one has to login to anything and everyone has a mobile phone they can use to scan the code, tap in the observation and that is that”, Mänty states. 

Viafin is also happy with Impact’s customer support and guides, and cooperation has been effortless and easy.

Impact is in collective use throughout the Viafin corporation.

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