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We have expertise and experience in developing safety, environmental, and quality operations. We offer you carefully selected expert services to help you significantly develop your safety operations. Safety Culture Measurement and Safety Moment Materials will support you on your way to better HSEQ operations.

Safety Session Materials

Employees make dozens of decisions daily that affect their safety and the safety of others. Regulated safety competencies and a proper attitude toward safety ensure that not only are your safety standards met but that your employee’s safety is also secured. Safety sessions between supervisors and staff are an excellent way to advance competencies and discuss safety. However, organizations often face challenges about lackluster safety sessions. The main problem areas being a supervisor’s inability to lead the conversation about safety and the poor quality or absence of safety session materials. Training supervisors is challenging, and making safety session materials is arduous and expensive, and there are no quality guarantees.

This is where Kiwa comes in; we offer a solution that allows you to improve your safety sessions your way.


Safety Session Process

We will help you create a safety session process that fits your business


Supervisor training

Our online trainings will improve your supervisors’ skills to effectively lead safety sessions


Safety Session Materials

Our material base is crafted by experts and covers a broad range of safety trainings.


Currently, we offer more than 300 high-quality safety session materials on the following topics:

Occupational safety legislation

Forklifts and machinery

Environment, waste and recycling

Electrical safety

Dangerous work

Travel and traffic safety

Tools, machines and equipment

Preparedness and rescue

The human factor

Lifting safety

Emergency first aid

Chemical safety

Process safety and work environment

Personal protective equipment

Warehouses and logistics


Ready-made expert produced materials save time and money

High-quality materials guaranteed by experts from various fields of safety

Conversation within the organization improves safety culture

Good quality safety sessions increase staff safety awareness

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